SMOKY BLUE is a deeply moving romance novel, based on Neil Waldman’s lifelong love affair with his wife Kath, whom he’s known and loved for more than 50 years.  It’s the story of Barney, a terribly shy young artist, and Annie, a very popular young girl, who touches Barney’s heart with an act of loving kindness . . . and changes his life forever.

SMOKY BLUE is a story of love and friendship, and the lasting powers of persistence and faith.  Based on Neil Waldman’s own true-life love story, SMOKY BLUE is sure to touch your heart.


Al and Teddy.


AL and TEDDY is a new picture book written and illustrated by Neil Waldman.  It is the first book published by Dream Yard Press, a not-for-profit publisher of children’s books in the Bronx.  All profits from book sales will be used to support the Fred Dolan art Academy, a free Saturday school for young Bronx artists.  It’s the academy’s mission to help these youngsters to develop their art skills, while encouraging them to raise their grades, so that they can go to college.  In the academy’s first seven years, twenty-three students have graduated, all twenty-three going on to college with scholarships.  They’ve been accepted at Dartmouth, the Rhode Island School of Design, NYU, USC, the Chicago Art Institute, and many other top colleges.  It is our hope that through sales of AL and TEDDY, we’ll be able to make the academy available to a greater number of young Bronx artists.

Maybe in a year or two . . .

An interior illustration from “AL and TEDDY”

“Maybe in a year or two you’ll be big enough to fly with me. I’ll see you in the morning.”

An interior illustration from “AL and TEDDY.”

“When everyone is sleeping, and saturn circles in the midnight sky, my big brother Al tiptoes out of our house . . . “

Battling the moon monster

“Who’s that?” I asked.
“It’s the moon monster, of course!” Al answered. “I shot him with a paint brush and turned him into a picture.”

Blasting into space

This is an interior illustration from AL and TEDDY. It happens at the climax of the story, when our heroes soar into the world of their imagination.

This is the cover illustration for “AL and TEDDY,” the new picture book by Neil Waldman

Welcome to the world of “AL and TEDDY!” We’re sure you’ll enjoy this trailer . . . a short romp through the world of imagination, and the love and friendship between brothers..